Another call for those arrestees who would like to fight their charges

We just had another meeting with the NLG that was for those arrestees that are interested in fighting their charges.  Different strategies were discussed to fight the charges in court.  Financial issues were discussed.  Potential obstacles were discussed.  The general consensus from the meeting was that we want to consolidate the cases and take it to a jury.  In order to make this work, the NLG is asking for the names and contact information of those that want to fight the charges against them.  We need to have a estimate of the number of people that plan to participate in this for planning purposes.  And of course we need everyone interested to be involved in our conversations moving forward.  If you are interested in fighting the charges, please send your contact information and arrest date to  The NLG is asking for this information by Friday 11/27, so it is imperative that we get this information soon.

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